Leaning Tower of Nevyansk, Sverdlovsk Region

There is a mysterious tower in the town of Nevyansk in the Sverdlovsk region. It is located at an incline. What’s so mystical about it?

The tower itself is surrounded by many historical mysteries. Neither the exact date of construction, nor the name of the architect is known. The tower is believed to have been built exclusively for beauty, but that is not true; it also served as a laboratory, a bursar’s chamber, and a prisoner’s room.

There is also a hearing room, but no one knows what it is used for. Its principle is as follows: in one corner, a person can clearly hear the slightest whisper uttered by another person standing at the other end of the room. And the people in the center of the room will not hear what they are talking about. 

There is also a legend that there are many secret underground labyrinths hidden beneath the ground around the perimeter of the tower. Tours are taken to the attraction, and guests can visit the basement, all the rooms of the tower, the bells, and the observation deck. 

There are nine floors of interior rooms. You can take a look at Akinfy Demidov’s secret laboratory, where, according to legend, counterfeit money was minted. It is believed that the proof was the micro particles of silver and gold found in the soot of the chimney. However, no one has ever seen this money and no equipment for its production has been found.