National Project Science and Universities Launches Annual International Olympiad Open Doors

Registration for the International Olympiad Open Doors begins on September 15th, 2022

The Olympiad is organized within the framework of the National Project “Science and Universities”. Participants of the Olympiad will test their knowledge in 14 fields of science without leaving their home country. Winners and runners-up will be awarded scholarships to study at the leading universities of Russia.

The competition is open to foreign citizens, having a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree or completing these degree programs in 2023. The Olympiad is held in 14 fields of study: Business and Management, Biology and Biotechnology, Chemistry and Materials Sciences, Economics and Econometrics, Engineering and Technology, Clinical Medicine and Public Health, Cognitive neurosciences and psychology, Computer and Data Science, Earth Sciences, Education, Linguistics and Literary Studies, Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence, Political Science, Physical Sciences. Each field of study has two tracks: a Master’s track and a doctoral track. Participants can choose several fields of study and take part in one or both tracks.

The Olympiad is organized in two rounds for prospective Master’s students and three rounds for doctoral students. The first round is a competition of portfolios, and the second round is a problem-solving challenge. All stages of the Olympiad are held online in Russian or English.

During the first round, participants submit a portfolio and write a motivation letter explaining their choice of the field of study and the reasons for studying in Russia. The portfolio is evaluated by the Olympiad jury.

The second round of the Olympiad is organized in a proctored form. Special software monitors the computer’s desktop and webcam. The data recorded by the proctoring software are sent for review. The recording is done for checking the independence of the performance of the Olympiad tasks.

The third round of the doctoral track is an online interview with three potential research supervisors. Before the interview, participants can familiarize themselves with the scope of research interests of each supervisor.

The Olympiad has been held since 2017. During the four years, more than 245,000 young people from 197 countries participated in the Olympiad, of which 2,800 received scholarships to study at Russia’s leading universities. More than 81,000 participants from 197 countries registered for the Olympiad in 2021-2022, and 1,142 participants from 85 countries became winners and runners-up, including 193 winners in the doctoral track.

The Olympiad is supported by Rossotrudnichestvo and the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation. The organizer of the Olympiad is the Global Universities Association.

To participate in the Olympiad, please register on the website of the project at

Registration is open from September 15th to December 10th, 2022.