Russian Language Winter School. Зимняя Школа Русского языка и Культуры

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Зимняя школа русского языка и культуры в феврале – это 2-х недельная программа, направленная на совершенствование языковых навыков и умений во всех видах речевой деятельности (говорение, чтение, аудирование, письмо).
Уровни обучения: от нулевого до продвинутого (предусмотрено разделение студентов на группы, в зависимости от уровня владения языком).
По окончанию данной программы студентам выдается сертификат Языковой школы (4 ETCS).
Стоимость курса: 30 000 RUB (около 385 €/450 USD).

Dostoevsky OmSU invites international students who are interested in learning the Russian language and immersing themselves in the Russian traditional culture to take part in our Russian Language Winter School.
Russian Language Winter School in February is a 2-week intensive program that aims to provide students with the opportunity to learn and/or practice Russian, and explore what Siberia has to offer.
Course Fees: 30 000 RUB (approx. 385 €/450 USD).
Upon the completion of the program, students will get the Russian Language School Certificate (4 ETCS).
Russian Language classes are taught by experienced language teaching professionals (teachers of Russian as a Foreign Language) and follow a communicative approach to language teaching. In addition to in-class Russian language instruction, students will attend lectures of cultural and academic interest.
An extensive social and cultural program is designed to help participants gain a valuable overview of Russian culture based on local Siberian heritage as well as keep them learning, exploring Omsk and experiencing new things.
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