2023 HSE Admissions Campaign

A reputed profession, a sky-rocketing career and thousands of opportunities for development, new friends, and wise teachers … The HSE University has got it all for you! 

2023 Admissions Campaign is already on 👇🏻

1️⃣ Choose a programme

HSE University has a long list of programmes to choose from. Foreign students have 98 bachelor’s degree programs and 182 Master Degree programs open for them.

2️⃣ Apply to enter

The application closes on August 13th, the deadline to apply for State Grant (free tuition) — April 1st.  

3️⃣ Pass the selection procedures

The schedule and the list of exams are available at https://clck.ru/33LgQg

4️⃣ Prepare the necessary documents and join one of the best universities in the world 🔥

Apply now to study at the HSE 

▪️ Bachelor Degree Programmes: https://clck.ru/33LgWx

▪️ Master Degree Programmes: https://clck.ru/33Lh69

Choose your Future – Choose HSE!