Information about the First Youth Arctic Delphic Games

The first Youth Arctic Delphic Games (hereinafter referred to as the Games) will be held from 24 to 28 November 2022 in the Komi Republic (Russian Federation).

At least 500 young talents aged 10 to 25 will take part in the Games, and the jury will include about 60 prominent figures in culture, education and science. Creative competitions will be held in the following categories: Piano, Violin, Pop singing, Folk dance, Folk singing, Photography, Visual arts, Culinary arts, Folk instruments, Artistic crafts.

Within the framework of the project, in addition to competitions in nominations, the opening and closing ceremonies of the Games, a gala concert of laureates, and an international conference will be held. The events of the Games will be held in the cities of Syktyvkar and Vorkuta.

Information about the Games is posted on the official website of the Delphic Games

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